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Post by Kyle Ravenscroft on Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:17 am

Nexus vs. Warrior of Light: Your fight is meaningless.
Nexus vs. Garland: Your hunger for battle shall be your downfall.
Nexus vs. Firion: What a pathetic dream!
Nexus vs. The Emperor: You shall not rule me!
Nexus vs. Onion Knight: How amusing!
Nexus vs. Cloud of Darkness: Even darkness falls.
Nexus vs. Cecil: Quit while you’re ahead.
Nexus vs. Golbez: There is no redemption for fools like you!
Nexus vs. Bartz: Silly tricks will not earn you victory.
Nexus vs. Exdeath: I’ll send you to the Void myself!
Nexus vs. Terra: Let your destructive powers be your guide.
Nexus vs. Kefka: I’ll destroy you if that’s what you wish.
Nexus vs. Cloud: Can you concentrate having such heavy burdens?
Nexus vs. Sephiroth: You seem like a worthy opponent.
Nexus vs. Squall: A loner seeking solitude.
Nexus vs. Ultimecia: You’re a fool if you think time will give you an advantage.
Nexus vs. Zidane: Little fool!
Nexus vs. Kuja: Your theatrics bore me.
Nexus vs. Tidus: A wasted dream.
Nexus vs. Jecht: Your overconfidence shall be your downfall.
Nexus vs. Lightning: Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice.
Nexus vs. Vaan: You are way out of your league.
Nexus vs. Kain: How interesting, a traitor.
Nexus vs. Tifa: You’re going to need more than a few fancy kicks to beat me.
Nexus vs. Yuna: I’ll crush you my lady.
Nexus vs. Laguna: You can’t possibly beat me.
Nexus vs. Shantotto: You’re quite an annoying pest!
Nexus vs. Prishe: How boring.
Nexus vs. Gabranth: Another worthy opponent.
Nexus vs. Chaos: I shall slay the god of discord!
Nexus vs. Kyle: At last my true target!
Nexus vs. Alena: You are powerless against me.
Nexus vs. Storm: Pathetic human, run while you still can.
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