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Post by Gabrielle Knightly on Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:01 pm

Name: Gabrielle Isabella Knightly

Age: 352 (Chronigically)

Physical Age: 19

Power: Witchcraft

Celestial Spirit: Stella the Phoenix

Weapon: Serenity (Magical Staff)

Gabrielle is a witch from another dimension known as Pandora. She was flung to Cocoon after defeating a man named Ganon in her home dimension and ever since she has been searching for a way back. Once in Cocoon she gets involved in the conflict against the Liberators. She soon meets Alex and Lightning from Guardian Corp and a samurai named Kenji who wields a blade she's all too familiar with. Gabrielle is a passionate and friendly person, easy to make friends but she has the flaw of trusting everyone she meets. Being a witch her powers exceed even L'Cie and the Fal'Cie. Gabrielle is smart and knows how to use her smarts to overcome any situation she encounters. When tapping into her most powerful magic her eyes go from blue to purple. She shape shift into a cat which allows her to store energy when she thinks she'll need it most. So before every battle she goes cat just to make sure her power is at its peek when she needs it.

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