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Master Samurai Logan Reeves Empty Master Samurai Logan Reeves

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:23 pm

Logan Reeves

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Master Samurai

Weapon: Twin Katanas (Ebony and Ivory)

Celestial Spirit: Argos the Ice Master

Location: Natuilas

Logan is a master samurai who has been in cryostasis after the fall of his guild which took place two years before the Cocoon Civil War. Logan is on a mission as soon as he awakens from cryostasis and that is to stop Caine Bertrand the person who betrayed his guild and killed all samurai except for Logan and Kenji. Making Logan, Caine, and Kenji the last three surviving samurai. Being a master samurai Logan is very skilled with both magic and his katana. He has a very powerful Celestial Spirit, a white Bengal Tiger with mastery over the ice element. Logan is a serious type and doesn't fool around when it comes to his missions. He looks down upon mischievous behavior. Above everything else Logan keeps his honor, pride, and strength in order. He is formidable foe on the battle foe and will show the enemy no mercy. Unlike Kyle's katana Ravanger, Logan's katana's Ebony and Ivory can be combined to form a double bladed staff.


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