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Rules and School Layout Empty Rules and School Layout

Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:51 pm

Rules and Regulations

Students are Required to be to class on time, failure to do so will result in a class I penalty.


Since FFHS is a school with a small population students will all be given class sign up sheets where they can mark classes they want to take part in. There are however a few guidelines to this and the school master will make all final decisions on class scheduling.

Every student is allowed to take up to eight classes and no less than five.

General Expectations

In the school every student is required to demonstrate the following...

All students must respect each other.
All students must not engage in violent or harmful behavior
No weapons or dangerous objects allowed out of their protective cases unless in the training hall, a class that requires it, or your living quarters.
No illegal substance use is allowed.
You ARE allowed to use electronic devices.
No gambling allowed on school grounds. However you can play card games and board games in your free periods.

Dress Code

Male Uniform
The below is the standard dress for Male students. The only available option for male students is the choice between a red or blue cape. Outfits are available for 200gil.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Female Uniform
The below is the standard dress for female students with the exception that all mini skirts must be black. Stockings must be worn and reach up to at least halfway up your thighs. The stockings must also be black. Your capes will be either a red or a blue color. Female outfits are available for 200gil.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

School layout
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Red Dots are Emergency exits
Blue Box is the Main hallway.

Gateway: The gateway is the main entrance to the school. It also contains the Security main office.

Student Residence and Recreation: This section of the school is where the students live. Since the school has all students living on campus, there is a recreational room with lots of games, a built in movie theater, and much more. It is a very impressive part of the school.

Cafeteria: Many other places come to our school to sell food. The cafeteria has many choices such as pizza, ice cream, Chicken, French Toast, just about anything is sold here.

Training Hall: The training hall is a special area of the school where students can train their skills and become better at their abilities and improve their weakness'.
Shopping Center: The shopping center is a fully outdoors part of the school that consists of many stores. The stores sell all kinds of goods.

Offices: This is where all school related offices are located. Students can sign up for clubs or learn more about activities and other school related stuff here.

Class Hall: The class hall is where all school classrooms are located.

Courtyard: This outdoor section of the school is very beautiful and has many flowers and even some small waterfalls and water streams.
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