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Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:19 am

Welcome to the Arena this guide is to inform you on how the arena works and how you can take part in it.

In the arena there are two kinds of matches. Tournament matches, and Standard Matches. These matches have sub categories under them that you can decide what the rulesets are.

Tournament Matches

Tournament Matches are ran by the Arena master (the host of the tournament) Arena Masters are admins of the site and moderators. In tournament matches there will be a sign up board where you can sign up your fighters. The final breakdown of the tournament will be held in a ladder formula where you must defeat every opponent until you reach the top. There may also be special bonus matches with different rulesets that can give advantages to the player or disadvantages. Tournaments are the best way to find out who is the strongest fighter among everyone!

Standard Matches

Standard Matches allow more freedom, though they aren't recognized as anything more than sport. The difference is that ANYONE can host a standard match against an opponent of their choice. There can be one versus one matches or team matches where both teams have allies and face each other.


The arena has all sorts of different stages. Thanks to the Holo room we are capable of simulating any environment in existence. The battleground can have all sorts of complex areas and even handle just a simple fighting ring.

Other events

Sometimes we may host other events in the arena, keep an eye on the event calendar to see what is coming up.
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