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Post by Kyle Ravenscroft on Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:55 pm

Blaze's Dissidia Quotes

Blaze vs. Warrior of Light: Take your light and shove it!
Blaze vs. Garland: All that fighting will slow you down old man.
Blaze vs. Firion: Is that really your dream?
Blaze vs. The Emperor: I’m not bowing to the likes of you!
Blaze vs. The Onion Knight: Aren’t you a little too young to fight?
Blaze vs. Cloud of Darkness: What woman dresses like that?
Blaze vs. Cecil: Trust your own power.
Blaze vs. Golbez: A pawn of chaos who longs for light?
Blaze vs. Bartz: You’ll find that I’m not easy to mimic.
Blaze vs. Exdeath: If you long for the Void, I’ll send you there myself.
Blaze vs. Terra: You are in control, no one else.
Blaze vs. Kefka: Destructive bastard!
Blaze vs. Cloud: What’s your problem?
Blaze vs. Sephiroth: Weren’t you once a hero?
Blaze vs. Squall: Fighting solo isn’t the best decision.
Blaze vs. Ultimecia: Great, a time controlling witch.
Blaze vs. Zidane: A thieving monkey, perfect!
Blaze vs. Kuja: Keep your drama off the battlefield.
Blaze vs. Tidus: I’ll burn that pride of yours.
Blaze vs. Jecht: A worthy opponent, awesome.
Blaze vs. Lightning: Who are you trying to intimidate?
Blaze vs. Vaan: Will you stay still?
Blaze vs. Kain: What idiot dresses like a dragon?
Blaze vs. Tifa: Sorry, that’s not going to distract me.
Blaze vs. Yuna: Show me your best.
Blaze vs. Laguna: This guy is annoying.
Blaze vs. Shantotto: You talk too much.
Blaze vs. Prishe: No weapons? This will be easy!
Blaze vs. Gabranth: Keep your judgment to yourself.
Blaze vs. Chaos: Time to get serious!
Blaze vs. Kyle: I have to fight my old man?
Blaze vs. Alena: Mom, do I really have to fight you?
Blaze vs. Storm: This is a joke, right?

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