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Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:56 pm

(Notes to self: add images, add more bio, add more info on this profile.)

Name: Knight Captain, Storm - Alexander Issac (Later known as Alexander Farron)

Age: 21 (same as Lightning)

Gender: Male

Appearance:[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Armored Guardian Corps Uniform: This outfit is a standard issue Guardian Corps Uniform that has been modified by Storm, adding metal plating to the armor, improving it's protection while also keeping his flexibility and agility unhindered. Though it does not provide the same protection as a full suit of armor it doesn't slow him down at all. The most notable places that contain metal plating are his hands, boots, legs, and some armor on his torso. The shoulder pad glows an Aqua blue color signifying his rank as Knight Captain.

Armor of Etro: This outfit looks very much like Lightning's with a few notable differences. The armor covers much more of his body than Lightning's, but it still has some exposed places to not limit his Speed a lot. Storm can summon this armor at will due to his close connection with Etro and the Warrior Goddess, Lightning.

Casual Outfit: He generally just wears his Armored Guardian Corps Uniform when around, but he will sometimes change into something much nicer looking if he is planning on taking Lightning somewhere special.

Night Gear: He wears loose night pants with pictures of the Blazefire Saber spread across them, they allow for maximum comfort as well as maximum flexibility and speed, however he has absolutely no protection and therefore isn't recommended for fighting in unless the opponent isn't too difficult. He doesn't wear anything over his Torso because he feels as if he gets too hot when under the sheets of his bed sleeping.

Status: With Lightning, later gets married to Lightning.

Family: All murdered in the purge.
After marriage: Lightning (Wife), Sky Farron (Son), Serah Farron, Snow Villers, Summer Farron Villers (Snow and Serah's Son.)

Occupation: Ex-Knight Captain of the Knight Division of the Guardian Corps, Fugitive of the Sanctum for assisting Pulse L'cie, Knight Captain of Knight Corps of PSICOM, Retired

Personality: Generally a very serious attitude when around strangers or fighting, however he has been known to joke on many an occassion and is very social around Lightning.

Favorite Food: Chicken. (LOVES Lightning's Chicken.)

Weapons: Used to use an upgraded version of the Organyx gunblade with accessories that sped up his speed, giving him incredible power and the ability to move faster than most people. He later forged two gunblades that he surpassed the Augmented Organyx, Storm called them the Ornate Gunblades (The XIII-2 Gunblade) however, he later changed the name to Lightnings Fury after her battles against Caius in Valhalla. There are only two of these gunblades in existence and the other one is in Lightning's possession. Storm's gunblade has a fatal flaw that resulted in his craftsmanship of the gunblade and therefore gives off a reddish hue from within, however Lightning's which was given as a gift is flawless and the better of the two gunblades. Storm seeks a way to reforge his gunblades and improve them, even though they are already the best gunblades in existence. Storm is also the chosen wielder of Infinity Blade.

Gadgets: Storm's most useful gadget is his datapad. It is a wristbound datapad that is capable of many useful skills such as displaying maps, creating distractions, hacking security systems, and creating a holographic blade for close quarters combat. However he has many other gadgets too such as his Grenades.

Storm's current known gadgets.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image] Storm's Datapad
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]Storm's Grenades

Powers: Storm has lot's of powers and tends to come up with new ones on the fly, however his most powerful, as well as common powers are his Storm Artes. However he has some other moves too. Storm also has control over the powers of Chaos, he is a very strong willed person and is one of the very few people who can actually control Chaos.

Storm Arte's: Due to his expert skill from the Knight Corps as well as his the innate power infused within Lighting's Fury, Storm is able to use a variety of Ultimate attacks that he has named Storm Arte's.

  • Cataclysmic Energy (Lightnings Fury - Gun Form) - This Arte brings up a holographic display to the upper left of the gunblade, showing the current percentage of accumulated power in the Gunblade. When using this powerful ability the gunblade turns to a large bluish hue and once it has reached over 9000%, a massive laser erupts from the barrel of the gunblade instantly vaporizing anything in it's path. However due to the flaw of Storm's Lightnings Fury it leaves Storm in very weakened state and vulnerable to further attacks.

  • Blade Storm (Lightnings Fury - Sword Form) - When Storm uses this Arte he charges at the enemy and combines the spell "teleport" with his melee attacks, causing him to hit his enemies from every direction, with incredible speed. After attacking the enemy about 20 times in a matter of five seconds he teleports above the enemy and does a melee attack from above with his gunblade charged up with red energy. Once he swings downward and hits the enemy an incredible light blinds everyone nearby for a couple seconds. Once everyone has regained their sight all that is left in the impact of the final attack is Storm and a massive crater where he used the final attack. This move also leaves Storm in a very weakened state due to the flawed Lightnings Fury he wields.

  • Scorching Wind (Firaga + Aeroga) Storm sends a bunch of scorching air at his opponent. This has the power to Burn away at his target.

  • Freezing Wind (Blizzaga + Aeroga) Storm sends a bunch of freezing air at his opponent. This has the power to Snap Freeze his target or freeze water.

  • Blizzaga Bomb (Firaga + Blizzaga) Storm tosses a ball of Ice into the air infused with fire for a bomb like effect. The Bomb spreads Ice all over the area it hits, freezing water, making the floor slick, or even freezing anything in it's blast radius.

  • Thundaga Bomb (Firaga + Thundaga) Storm tosses a ball of Lightning into the air infused with fire for a bomb like effect. The Bomb spreads electricity all over the area it hits, Disabling electronics, electrifying water, and dealing damage in it's blast radius.

  • Farron Arte, Lightning Storm (Partner: Lightning) - When with Lightning Storm uses a more powerful Bladestorm and Lightning uses Army of One. after they stagger the enemy they appear above the enemy and combine their gunblades then shoot down a huge orb of energy blinding everyone and leaving a massive crater.

  • Farron Arte, Infinity Farron Blade (Partner: Lightning) - Storm summons odin and mounts him with Lightning, He then dual wields Lightnings Furys as Lightning uses Odin's Blade. He then combines the two to forge Infinity Blade then teleports above his enemy impaling them from above with the massive blade!

  • Farron Arte, Dual Thundaga (Partner: Lightning) - Storm combines his Thundaga with Lightning's Thundaga and sends a massive bolt of electricity at their target. It can chain between multiple enemies.


Before the fall of Cocoon

I used to lead as Knight Captain of the Knight division in the Guardian Corps. The Knight Division was a very special and top secret division that handled many top rated missions.

I first met Lightning when she was on a mission for the Guardian Corps to secure a building that was controlled by an anti-fal’cie group that was holding hostages. I went in with her secretly to keep an eye on her because she was very skilled and I wanted to see if she was good enough to join the Knights. Eventually she got into a tough position where the leader of the group was holding a hostage at gunpoint and I was forced to intervene to save the hostage. I invited Lightning into the division and did many jobs with her, becoming close friends and eventually we would start going out.

A year later on the night that our hometown held the fireworks show, Lightning was greeted by her superior, Lieutenant Amodar, who was going to recommend her for officer training. After they finished talking I met up with her and congratulated her for the promotion and sat under the fireworks together, It was the first night we kissed.

The Pulsian L’cie (Events from Final Fantasy XIII SPOILERS!)

After Lightning volunteered to go on the purge train to save Serah I found out that there were five (later six) Pulsian L’cie I was given a datapad with information of each L’cie and was asked to eliminate them. I was shocked to see Lightning on one of the files. I told my superiors I would look into it, but I would never betray Lightning, I knew she would do whatever it took to protect her home and bring Serah back. I began to help the L’cie instead of eliminate them by leading PSICOM into traps and making them follow false trails left by me. There were however, times that I could not keep the Sanctum away from Lightning, but I managed to keep all except for Jihl Nabaat and Yaag Rosch away from Lightning’s group. After they had attacked the Sanctum’s Palamecia and found out that the Primarch was actually a Sanctum Fal’cie, I lost contact with Lightning until she resurfaced leading an assault from Eden, into Orphan’s Cradle.

After the Fall of Cocoon (AF)

After I had helped Lightning and the other L’cie reach and slay Orphan I was one of the first to be relocated to Pulse and I heard that there were four human-shaped crystals nearby, so I walked over to greet who I knew were the saviors of Cocoon and my girlfriend, Lightning who I missed greatly. After watching them all reunite with Serah and Sazh’s son, Dajh I heard Snow ask Lightning if she would allow the marriage between Serah and Snow. She responded with “I know you will, Congragulations.”

I stepped down and decided now would be a great time to jump into the groups reunion saying “I hope you’re not planning to have that party without me!” When everyone turned around shocked to see a complete stranger wearing a Guardian Corps outfit approach them, however Lightning was more shocked to see her love standing before her very eyes. Lightning came over and gave me a big hug and let out a silent tear of happiness just before saying “That’s it, it really is a miracle…”

To be continued later...

Current roleplay order:
Goddess Temple :Spoiler: (000AF) (This one takes place during the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, before the timeline is fixed.)

(All these roleplays take place after the timeline was restored... in a sense it's basically Final Fantasy XIII-3 and beyond.)
Cocoon Civil War (003BF) This takes place Three years (B)efore the (F)all of Cocoon.
New Bodhum (000AF)
Midgar/Edge (000AF) <DELETED, It basically shows the meeting of Alena and the bombing of K.A.R.O.P. First time lots of main characters meet and Storm is introduced.>
New Bodhum :Opening: (002AF)
Caelum Castle (002AF)
Back to Caelum (003AF)
Oc Rp: New L'cie :Next Generation: (007AF)
Trapped in K.A.R.O.P. (007AF)
Sky's Tale (025AF)
Fragmented Souls (030AF)
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain, Storm
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Profile of Knight Captain, Storm Empty Re: Profile of Knight Captain, Storm

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Reading the last bit of your character bio has me so confused about the timeline now espically of the Role Plays that involve my characters, and yours and Light's characters.
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