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Knight Captain, Storm's Dissidia Quotes Empty Knight Captain, Storm's Dissidia Quotes

Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Sat May 26, 2012 7:51 pm

Storm vs Warrior of Light: Light versus darkness? Interesting.
Storm vs Garland: Too much armor slows you down.
Strom vs Garland: Your flaw? Too much heavy equipment.
Storm vs Firion: Roses? Just like my wife.
Storm vs The Emperor: I think you'll find that I don't bow down to anyone.
Storm vs Onion Knight: Hey kid, this is a warzone, not a playground.
Storm vs Onion Knight: Knight of an onion? What?
Storm vs Cloud of Darkness: Perverted Chaos.
Storm vs Cloud of Darkness: Put some clothes on?
Storm vs Cecil Harvey: So you control both Light and Darkness? Try taking me on.
Storm vs Golbez: You don't seem so mean for a warrior of chaos.
Storm vs Bartz Klauser: Haven't seen you in forever Bartz, this will be a fun fight.
Storm vs Exdeath: You don't look like a tree...
Storm vs Exdeath: *Chuckles* Right, and I'm an airship...
Storm vs Terra Branford: If you don't control your power, it controls you.
Storm vs Kefka Palazzo: I hate clowns.
Storm vs Cloud Strife: YOu trying to crush a Long Gui with that thing?
Storm vs Sephiroth: I think you'll find that I'm not really into Sephiroth worship.
Storm vs Sephiroth: Should I get on my knees and beg for mercy? How cute.
Storm vs Sephiroth: Long sword... You must be trying to compensate for something.
Storm vs Squall Leonhart: You aren't hanging me from a chandelier this time.
Storm vs Ultimecia: You think your so special because you control time?
Storm vs Zidane Tribal: A monkey and a thief... great.
Storm vs Kuja: You're an awful actor.
Storm vs Kuja: You're a dude.... in a thong?
Storm vs Kuja: This is a battlefield not a theater!
Storm vs Tidus: What are you, going to the beach?
Storm vs Tidus: Have you listened to yourself laugh?
Storm vs Jecht: Supposed to be some tough guy?
Storm vs Lightning: The only person capable of matching my skill. Show me your best my love.
Storm vs Lightning: Sparring with you brings us closer. I love you.
Storm vs Lightning: I will protect the one I love, that is why I can fight!
Storm vs Vaan: You're annoying...
Storm vs Laguna Loire: Guns? I've got a gunblade, upper hand over here.
Storm vs Yuna: Are you a L'cie? (Because she summons "Eidolons" Which is a L'cie ability)
Storm vs Kain Highwind: You look like you came out of a fairy tale.
Storm vs Kain Highwind: Dragon armor?
Storm vs Tifa Lockhart: Being the biggest isn't the only thing that matters.
Storm vs Tifa Lockhart: That distraction won't work on me.
Storm vs Tifa Lockhart: Ehh my wife is still better.
Storm vs Shantotto: What's with the way you talk and why are you so short?
Storm vs Shantotto: Do you ever shut up?
Storm vs Gabranth: It is not our place to judge others.
Storm vs Prishe: No real weapons, no armor, this is too easy.
Storm vs Prishe: You're too over confident...
Storm vs Gilgamesh: Sorry, but my gunblade isn't for sale.
Storm vs Gilgamesh: So you're the one who collects weapons.
Storm vs Gilgamesh: You wouldn't want my weapon, it's useless to you.
Storm vs Chaos: I've defeated gods more powerful than you.
Storm vs Chaos: I'm the superior god!
Storm vs Chaos: Chaos versus Chaos? I think mine is stronger.
Storm vs Chaos: I will erase you from existence!
Storm vs Feral Chaos: Chaos has fallen to chaos, how amusing.
Storm vs Storm: This is a battle, for me and me alone!
Storm vs Storm: My datapad says that you're not even real.
Storm vs Storm: Such an inferior illusion.
Storm vs Sky: Come on son, show me your best.
Storm vs Noctis: Keep your thing out of my wife!
Storm vs Kyle: This will be an entertaining fight. Come at me with your best Kyle!
Storm vs Alena: Hey don't you always fight with Mr.Ravenscroft?
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain
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Knight Captain, Storm's Dissidia Quotes Empty Re: Knight Captain, Storm's Dissidia Quotes

Post by Kyle Ravenscroft on Wed May 30, 2012 1:57 am

I like that third one for Sephiroth I was going to have Alena say that to him but I changed my mind...LOL. They're all great quotes. I like what he says to Alena.
Kyle Ravenscroft
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