Knight Captain, Storm's Guide to the Timeline.

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Knight Captain, Storm's Guide to the Timeline. Empty Knight Captain, Storm's Guide to the Timeline.

Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Mon May 21, 2012 10:08 pm

Knight Captain, Storm's Guide to the Timeline. F110 Hey Knight Captain, Storm over here! I'm here with one of my new journals that I'm broadcasting from my trusty datapad! Wondering what's been going on in the universe of Final Fantasy Legends? Got lost somewhere along the way? or did you just join and want to know what the timeline's current state is? Well worry no more! The Knight Captain is here to help out with his data that he has compiled over his many years of travel!

Universe Alpha (The main universe where XIII took place at.)

Cocoon Civil War: Sanctum vs. Liberators - Sanctum wins due to Alexander Issac and his squad that he assembled.
-War begins.
-Sanctum has lost 80% of Cocoon. Last Sanctum strongholds are Bodhum and Eden.
-Lieutenant Issac joins the fight under the command of Knight Captain, Advar.
-Lightning also joins the squad.
-Lieutenant Issac meets Kenji.
-Knight Captain, Advar is killed by Knight Captain, Vark, a rouge Knight Captain and leader of the Liberators.
-Lieutenant Issac becomes leader of the squad.
-Palumpolum is secured by Sanctum forces.
-Lieutenant Issac recaptures Gapra Whitewood and all experimental weapons there.
-Lieutenant Issac recaptures Nautillus and kills General Shiku of the Liberators.
-<The rest of this data is corrupt, please stand by as the data is examined and resent.>

Final Fantasy XIII
-Knight Captain, Storm goes to the fireworks festival with Lightning.
-Storm clears her for Officer training in his Knight Corps division.
-Lightning has her birthday and Storm goes to celebrate it with her, however she already left for the purge train.
-Storm feeds information to Lightning over her datalog and helps her learn how to customize her weapons and keeping the Sanctum away from them.
-After they reach Eden, Storm is found to be feeding information to the L'cie and is branded a fugitive. Storm flees and attempts to regroup with Lightning to help them out.
-Storm is too late and Orphan dies. Causing the fall of Cocoon.
-Storm evacuates and regroups with Lightning and the others on Gran Pulse, right after she comes out of crystal stasis.

Final Fantasy XIII-2
-Storm gives Lightning the Ornate Gunblade. (Lightning's Fury)
-Lightning is erased from history due to a paradox.
-Lightning goes to Valhalla and becomes the warrior goddess of Etro.
-Storm goes on two year search for Lightning.
-Lightning cheats on Storm with Noctis and gets pregnant with Tide. She regrets cheating on him.
-Storm finds Lightning in Valhalla.

Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain
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