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Knight Captain, Storm's Terminology Journal Empty Knight Captain, Storm's Terminology Journal

Post by Knight Captain, Storm on Fri May 04, 2012 1:07 am

Knight Captain: The prestigious rank only awarded to the most renowned members of PSICOM or the Guardian Corps. Knight Captain's are given their own division and are known as heroes and are some of the most famous people around. The youngest Knight Captain ever was aged 34 until Storm came and took the title at the young age of 18!

The Cocoon Civil War: The war that made Storm famous. three years before the fall of Cocoon, the Cocoon Civil War emerged, it was a battle between the Sanctum and the group that called themselves The Liberators. Storm fought on the side of the Sanctum as a Lieutenant, he wasn't anyone significant at the time, but he eventually played a vital role in the downfall of The Liberators. Storm became famous on Cocoon after ending the war and was promoted to Knight Captain and given his own division to command.

The Liberators: The Liberators were the opposing faction during the Cocoon Civil War. They were a terrorist group that bombed trains, killed innocent people, and much more. They believed that the Fal'cie needed to be overthrown as they were evil. However brutal their methods were, their claims were proved valid when three years later a group of L'cie lead by former Guardian Corps Sergeant, Lightning Farron, overthrew the Fal'cie who had been plotting to slaughter all of humanity.

Lightnings Fury/Ornate Gunblade: This is a pair weapons forged by Knight Captain, Storm that was created to protect Lightning when she went to fight Caius Ballad. One is infused with the power of Light while the other, Chaos. The two weapons emit a blue glow from within, when Storm and Lightning's feelings for each other are powerful. They are the strongest gunblades in existance and when combined, form the Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade: The strongest sword in existence. This weapon once housed the god, Infinity Blade, the father of Bhenevelze. He created everything in existence and his power is limitless. He can fuse with the wielder of the blade at the cost of their soul. The only person ever to keep their soul after doing so is Knight Captain, Storm. He then found a way to strip Infinity Blade from his sword and used it against him, killing the god. When he died Storm received the power of Infinity Blade, practically making him into a god.

To be expanded on later.
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain, Storm
Knight Captain
Knight Captain

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