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Post by Lightning Farron on Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:19 am

(forgive me i will update thos later i just have a few ideas and im on my phone right now im suppose to be asleep)

Name: Tide Farron Caelum
Parents: Lightning and Noctis
Birthday: July 1st
Favorite color: Red
Occupation: time traveler and L'Cie

(this part is mostly for me so i can write it in dead roses)
Tide was conceived during dead roses one years after lightning and noctis meet and returned to the goddess temple Lightning told everyone when they where captured by k.a.r.o.p and trapped in a room waitng for prompto to cone and save them but eventually he failed. Tide was born during the chaos of K.A.R.O.P causing him to grow up with his uncle Snow and Aunt Serah while Lightning help destory K.A.R.O.P and Noctis took control over his kingdom.

Unfortantly for Tide he was and still is very Attached to his mother way more then his father. When Lightning was captured by K.A.R.O.P Solider she had gone to believe shed never see her son again so when she was rescued by Noctis and the gang she spent most of her time with her boy until about he was one she had left for a short time but soon returned and stayed with Tide all the time from falling asleep by his beside at night or even on the couch holding him in her arms.

When Tide entered school Lightning had gone again K.A.R.O.P was not yet destoried in fact it was getting bigger and spreading Tide grew up with Lightning in and out of his life which was hard for him which is where he got his personally hes very grump quiet and mean only does stuff for his sepf

When Tide turned 18 he went threw the time gate with his small gang going yo far back in tye time gate caused Tide and a few of his friends to become L'Cie after returning to his time the L'Cie mark had remained on him and his few friends who he mad swear not to tell anyone even there parents

When Tide turned 21 he went back threw the time gate this time to help his mother and father destory K.A.R.O.P at there weakest point.

will update more later thays all i can writenow
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